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From the desk of Karan Dharamsi,

CEO - The Marketing Nerdz!
It All Started With Sanket Gadling... 

Sanket is currently doing our 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course.
He is 2 months into the course and is already Freelancing as a Digital Marketing Professional helping Local Businesses around his home Grow their Social Media Presence.

Sanket has already recovered his investment in our 3 Months Digital Marketing course and is well on his way to make way more.

Last month, after the class, Sanket came over to consult with me about his client project. He needed some help with his client's Facebook Ads. After Sanket left, I had a 'Sudden Realization'.  
I rushed to my Laptop (literally) and looked at the list of all the students who did our courses in the last 6 Months.
And I saw that at least 4 out of every 10 students who did our course were either Freelancing as a Digital Marketer or had plans to start their own social media agency in the near future.

So I called some of those students who were Freelancing to know how they were doing in their New Career.

These were the common issues they all faced:

 - Confused about how much to charge the clients.

 - Clients were asking for their experience and they had no answers.

 - Clients were Exploiting them by asking them to do more than what was discussed as the 
   Scope of Work.

 - Their clients were not paying on time and one did not get any payment for 2 months of            work she did.

 - One even had to wait for 3 hours to meet a client. The client kept him waiting for 3 hours         even though it was a scheduled meeting.

 - And the list goes on and on...

Although, every student I spoke to was Good at Digital Marketing and all the technical aspects I taught. Sadly, most weren't great at communicating with clients as Freelancers. 
Most students (who are now Freelancing) were saying YES to everything that the clients would demand from them.

And that's one of the reasons they were either:
 - Getting Exploited
 - Not Getting Paid Enough or
 - Working with clients that made their life HELL!
You Know..They were Making the Same MISTAKES that I Made When I Started my Freelance Career.... 

...Which is Agreeing to do Everything the Client asked them to do! 

Think about it... If a client calls you and says, "I'm hiring you to Build My Brand. I need you to post on Google Plus 10 times a day". 

And you agree to that... You think he would respect you for your Expertise. No, right? Because as the Expert Digital Marketer you should be the one calling the shots and creating the plan. Not the other way around. 

It's like, you are going to a doctor and asking him to give you XYZ medicines because you have certain symptoms. And if the doctor agrees, would you Trust or Respect him? 

Would you ever get a Surgery done by this doctor? I'm hoping NOT! 

If you Agree with everything the clients demands of you, they would NEVER respect you. And when there is no respect for your talent:

You will NEVER be paid on time...

You will NEVER be paid the amount you deserve...

And worst yet, the client will find someone cheaper to replace you real soon...

Honestly, it wasn't the client's Fault.. It was yours.. Because you did not present yourself well.

So What's The SECRET to Becoming Successful as a Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency Owner? 

To win at Freelancing, Running an Agency or providing any kind of service, you need to: Have something I call - The '2P' Approach with Process Maps. 

Where 2P stands for - Professional Positioning

Now to be successful as a Freelancer, you need to go way beyond the Dictionary Definition of Professional Positioning

Professional Positioning includes all of this and much more: 

- An impressive first email using the right words to your prospective client (without coming across desperate)

- How you interact with him over the phone (what words/phrases to never use)

- How you communicate with him in your first meeting (includes body language, facial expressions and much more)

- How you send him the contracts (what loopholes to never leave; what differentiates amateur contracts from professional contracts)

How you deliver the service and communicate with him after you start working with him

- Use of systematic Process Maps while working with clients

Every element and every step of Professional Positioning (2P Approach) matters. 

It's everything from how to start to how you build your relationship with a client... And all of it needs to be documented. And you need to have processes for everything to be successful as a Freelancer or an Agency Owner. 

Let me explain...

You see, when most people jump into Freelancing or Starting an Agency, they make these Major MISTAKES:

 - No Message to Market Match - They cater to every possible industry, every possible business type and don't appeal to anyone.

 - No Clarity of Results - They don't talk about the Results Clients can expect, but talk about platforms or technicalities (which has no intrinsic value for clients)

 - No Clearly Defined Communication Protocols - They would be ready to meet clients anytime, they agree to do everything... In a nutshell, they appear amateurish. 

 - No Process Maps - While working with clients, they don't have a systematic process which is where most clients drop out. 

 - No Pre-Qualifier - They don't do any Pre-Qualification of the leads and end up wasting time meeting people after people who would never pay them. 

 - No Meeting Presets - They don't have any Client Meeting Preset Scripts... So every meeting they go in, they repeat the same MISTAKES. And never understand and address the real objections of the clients. Leading to very FEW clients. 

 - And the list goes on and on... 

When I started 7 years back... I did not know any of it. And I did not do Professional Positioning. I did not have any process maps. So I was working for $1 (Yikes) for writing 700-word articles. 

Sandhya (my partner) and I were making about Rs. 500 per day working 16 hours a day. 

Thankfully, we found a great Mentor who gave us his processes and taught us how to really communicate with clients and Build a Freelance Business and then an Actual Business. 

He taught us how to come across as Professionals with Remarkable Professional Positioning strategies while interacting with clients.

Sadly, we had wasted almost 2 years working at a miserable pay per hour because we did not know how to charge more

Not having processes for every step and not knowing what to do at any step can STOP you from growing and making more money. 

Because when you don't know things about client management, you automatically: 

 - Agree to everything the clients says... 

 - You think you should charge low because you are just starting out and don't know much... 

 - You always act out of fear and let the clients exploit you. 

If you want to be Successful, you need to know what you need to do precisely at every single step from the time you contact a potential client to delivering great service to them.

Because clients hire Freelancers or Agencies for their Expertise. And if you do not do proper Professional Positioning and instead appear an Amateur at any step of your client interaction, you would either never have that client onboard or they would never pay you the amount you really deserve. 

And if you are wondering... All that sounds great, but how do I actually get all the information, the 2P Strategies (Professional Positioning) and the Process Maps for every step of client communication... 

Introducing the 1 Lac Club... Your Shortcut to Growing Your Freelancing Business or Agency! 

You see, there are 2 ways to learn and get all the Information, the 2P Strategies (Professional Positioning), Process Maps and everything you need to Start and Grow a Successful Freelancing Business. 

The First Way is to Experiment and Try to Learn it all by yourself... which is what Sandhya and I did for the miserable first two years at the start of our career. And if you like, you could go this route too. 

But the only issue with this approach is, you may end up wasting a lot of your time, energy and effort with a huge possibility of making very little money while you are learning things the hard way. And I've seen a lot of people 'Give Up' when things don't work well and the Struggle is real. 

The Second Way and the One that I Suggest You take is to Send Your Application for the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program. 

The whole idea of starting the 1 Lac Club came about after that converstaion with Sanket and the calls with other students who were Struggling while Freelancing. 

My Goal with the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program is to give you the 2P Strategies (Professional Positioning), Process Maps, the tools, and all our techniques to Start and Grow a Successful Freelancing Business or an Agency... 

 - So You don't have to go through the Challenges that we went through.

 - So You don't have to work for Lower Rates or be the Cheapest Service Provider to Get Clients and Live a Miserable Life. 

 - So You don't have to work with clients who don't Respect You! 

You see, Successful people don't Experiment and Re-invent the Wheel. They take a Proven Formula - Apply it and Innovate from there. 

And as a member of the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Formula, our goal is to give you every Tool, Technique, Strategy and Hack to Start and Grow your client base as a Freelance Digital Marketer or an Agency Owner... 

Our Goal is to Help You Quickly Get to at least the Rs 1 Lac/Month figure or beyond.

So How Exactly Does the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program Work? 

The 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program is a Comprehensive 12 Week One-On-One Online Program where we work with you Individually to help you Start and Grow Your Freelance Career or an Agency from Scratch. 

Each week, you get access to a New Module to help you move 1 Step Closer towards your goal. 

Every week, you move 1 step closer to reach the Rs 1 Lac/month mark.

Here is a Gist of what we would be working on week by week during the 12 Week Program to help you accomplish your goals and build your Freelance or Agency business. 

Week 1: The 'B' System Change

Week 2: The Niche Appeal to Get Rich 

Week 3: Your Transformation Promise

Week 4: The Foundation Set-Up 

Week 5: The Building Begins 

Week 6: The Pitch 

Week 7: The Pitch Part 2 

Week 8: First Approach 

Week 9: The Combine-it-all Week 

Week 10: Authority Positioning 

Week 11: Open the Next Door 

Week 12: Laying the Foundation for Massive Growth

This 12-week process is the fastest way to Kick-Start your Freelance or Agency Business. 

And to help you Implement everything during the 12 weeks...

You Work With Not 1 But 3 Different Coaches 
Yes, that's right!  
You see, I wanted to make sure that You get all the tools and resources that you need to Hit the Rs. 1 Lac/month income goals.
So apart from working with me (Karan Dharamsi) throughout the 12 Weeks and learning all my Secret Strategies, You will also be learning from and working with 2 other Mentors/Coaches in the program. 
Karan Dharamsi
'The Marketing Nerdz'
Sandhya Valecha
'The Marketing Nerdz'
The 1st coach is none other than the Co-founder of 'The Marketing Nerdz' and the founder of Contentorial - Sandhya Valecha. She's a Copywriter, Web Host, and Writers Coach. Her stimulating stories and articles have been featured in "The Story Exchange", Reliance's "Harmony", and leading national dailies of India such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and The Pioneer.
Sandhya’s a full merit scholarship winner of £23,698 from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). During her stint in London, she wrote for the High Commission of India, London and the Confederation of Indian Industry, UK.
Not just that, I even asked Namrata Soni, the Head of our Agency Department to be one of the mentors in the course. Namrata directly works with all our major clients and her input will again be extremely helpful to you, especially while working on a client project.
Namrata Soni
Head Of Agency Dept.
'The Marketing Nerdz'
So you see, in this program, you will be working with the Top 3 Members of our team. And the ONLY reason I have 3 Mentors (Including me) in this program is to make sure we leave no stone unturned to help you hit at least the Rs 1 Lac/month Goal by the end of the program. 

If You Thought This is Mind-Blowing - Well, Here is More...You Get an Opportunity to Learn the Secrets of Other Top Freelancers & Agency Owners! 
Sandhya and I have a huge network and are connected with some Top Agency Owners and Freelancers. 

I will also be Inviting other Agency Owners and Top Freelancers in our network to share their Secrets with you via an Online Coaching Call. 

So apart from working with 3 of us during the course, you will also be learning the SECRETS of other Agency Owners and Successful Freelancers.

And you get FREE Lifetime Access to all Coaching Calls with Every Guest Mentors... Even after you've completed your course - So you can go beyond the Rs 1 Lac/month mark and accomplish your Dreams. 
Plus You Also Get FREE Lifetime Access to TMN's Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course Worth Rs. 37,000/- As a Part of this Program!
As I told you earlier, the whole idea of creating this program was to make sure you reach at least Rs 1 Lac/month Income Goal. 

So that's why, I've even included our popular Advanced Online Digital Marketing Course as a Bonus Gift for you when you are selected in the program. 

This way, apart from learning How to Attract, Maintain and Grow your client base... You have all the resources you need to deliver great Results to your Clients. 

Our Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course will provide you with all the technical expertise to deliver amazing results to your clients. 

It has over 100+ videos to help you Master Every Area of Digital Marketing. Plus we add new videos every time there is an update or a change on any platform, so you can stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of Digital Marketing. 

And the Access to our Online Digital Marketing Course is FREE for you for Lifetime once you are selected in the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program. 

What's Your Investment? 
Well, as you know so far. 

This is a 12 Week One-On-One Online Coaching Program that is designed to Help You reach Rs. 1 Lac/Month in Income in 12 weeks or less.

In this program, you will be working with 3 Top Mentors to learn every strategy and technique to: 

 - Attract New Clients on Demand 

 - To Maintain and Build Relationship With Clients and 

 - To Grow Your Client base to Hit Your Desired Income Goal

You will also be Learning the Secrets of other Guest Mentors. 

You will get Lifetime Access to all the Training Videos and Guest Mentor Coaching Calls. 

Plus, You will also get FREE Lifetime Access to our "Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course" for your continued Digital Marketing Education... And our "Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course" in itself is Worth Rs 37,000/- 

So Imagine if you were selected for the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program...

You learn all our Secrets and are well on your way to Hit the Rs. 1 Lac/Month Income goal. 

That's a total Income of at least Rs. 12 Lac/annum. 

Now, even if you do an MBA today, after investing at least Rs. 8 Lac in your education, most colleges would not get you a package of even 6 Lac/annum, that is if at all there is any placement happening in today's time, right? 

And most MBA in Marketing jobs today as you know are actually Sales jobs. The companies hire you to sell their product on the phone rather than give you an actual Marketing Job. 

So considering the kind of Money you could make after you complete our program. And the kind of Real-Life Money Making Training we provide you during the program where the minimum income you should expect to make is Rs 12 lac/annum and all the Free Lifetime Gifts... 

...I should have easily priced the fee for this program to Rs. 5 Lac considering that 3 Top Mentors will be Coaching you. 

And I feel, that Rs. 5 Lac is still less given that we will be sharing all our Secrets and Strategies to Attract, Maintain and Grow Your Client-Base. The same Secrets that have helped us generate over Half a Million Dollar in Revenue for our Agency. 

But for the students who we select for this course, their investment won't be Rs. 5 Lac. 

The investment fee for the students who get selected for the 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program is Rs. 2 Lac ONLY. 

Yes, that's CRAZY, right? 

So make sure you Apply right away to be one of the few students to be selected for this life transforming and empowering 1 Lac Club - Coaching Program... 

You Need ONLY 2 Clients to Recover Your Investment and Make Profits! 

Seriously! ONLY 2 clients! 

Imagine, you get selected for this program. You learn our strategies and you implement them. And Worst Case Scenario - You get ONLY 2 clients paying you Rs 50,000/month for a 3-month contract.

Well, that's a total of Rs. 3 Lac in revenue for you.

And in JUST 2 months of these clients paying you your fee, you recover the Investment in this program. 

Plus, you make Rs. 1 Lac in profits.  

So all you need is JUST 2 Clients to not ONLY recover your Investment but to make profits. 

But, that's the Worst Case Scenario. 

Imagine you get 3 clients each paying you Rs. 50,000/month for a 12 Month Contract. 

That's a total of Rs. 18 Lac in revenue for you.

Let's imagine you get 5 clients each paying you Rs. 50,000/month for a 12 Month Contract. 

That's a total of Rs. 30 Lac in revenue for you.

You see, how those numbers start multiplying. 

And in a world where there are hundreds of thousands of businesses all around us and with the Internet, we have an opportunity of working with clients across the globe, do you think it would be difficult to find just 3-5 clients given you'd know all the right strategies at the end of this coaching program? 

All you need to do is just follow our system and Implement the Strategies just like Chintan Parekh did... And he made over Rs. 3 Lac in revenue in just 4 months of our program and is on his way to make way more.
Using our Strategies, just 2 clients who pay at least Rs. 50,000 each for a 2-month contract would help you recover your Investment. And then it's all Profits for you, just like it was for Chintan Parekh who closed a client at Rs. 65,000 per month for a 3 Month Contract.  

But Here is the Thing... It's NOT for EVERYONE! 
We won't be taking every student who sends their application to be a part of this program... 

We will be very picky for only the Right Students. 

We will be selecting only those candidates who fulfill the following criteria: 

 - You must have extraordinary work ethic and must be ethical

 - You must be ready to do the work and push through challenges to succeed. 

 - You must complete all the assignments 

 - You must be optimistic 

 - You must be Driven to Reach the Rs. 1 Lac/month Goal
You see, although we make things Simple for you and Give you the roadmap. But if you are not willing to do your part, implement the stuff, respect the deadlines, etc., then we can't help you. 

We want to share our secrets and strategies with only those students who are Massively Driven towards their success. 

If you think you are Driven and ready to put in the work to reach Rs. 1 Lac/month goal, then we Invite You to Apply and fill out the form. 

Once you click on the Apply Now Button and Fill out the Form, we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule a One-On-One Discovery Call with you to determine if this program is a right fit for you and ask you additional questions and answer any questions that you may have about this program. 

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